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Simple Mount TV Hanger w/ Stud Finder 32″-80″


Fits most TVs 32 inch to 80 inch. High-powered stud finder included. Installs into wood and metal studs, drywall, plaster, brick and concrete. Holes drilled every inch in bracket to assure hitting stud. Anchors provided for drywall and concrete if needed. Aircraft grade aluminum brackets are light but strong. UL listed for 125 lbs. Engineered, patented and made in the USA of 85% US components.


Hang your TV like a pro in just a few simple steps with the Simple Mount TV Hanger. A bonus high-powered magnetic stud finder makes this already easy installation foolproof. The hanger consists of two aircraft-grade aluminum brackets. One bracket attaches to the back of the TV and the other installs with either stud screws or included anchors into drywall, wood studs, plaster, or even brick or concrete. Once installed, a 1″ clearance from the wall provides easy access and space for cords and cables. The wall track has mounting holes every inch to ensure hitting studs for support. Simply move the stud finder in an S pattern along the wall and the magnet identifies screws or nails beneath the drywall. Or use included pro-level anchors for hardwall installations.


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