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HangZ 78000 Ceiling and Wall Adjustable Hook Kit


HangZ™ 78000 Ceiling and Wall Adjustable Hook Kit.

Lets you hang pictures and mirrors from vertical, sloping and horizontal surfaces.

Ball-ended steel cable fits into domed housing which screws onto a base screwed to ceiling or wall. Use singly or in pairs. Kit complete with Newly H100 squeeze-adjustable hook.


HangZ™ 78000 Ceiling and Wall Adjustable Hook Kit.  A great solution for flexibility with a minimum of installation needed. Perfect to hang from a ceiling, but also useful to hang on a small wall, columns, shop windows and steel ceilings. The Ceiling & Wall Cable System hanger offers the possibility to hang more then 1 object on the same cable to a total maximum of 20 kg/44lbs per set. A complete Ceiling & Wall Cable System set comes with everything you need to hang 1 pcs of art. Additional adjustable hooks are available.

  • HangZ 78000 hangers are stand alone gallery systems that can be suspended directly from a wall or ceiling without a track.
  • Is ideal for hanging lightweight to medium frames. Swivel cover allows mounting on ceilings and sloped walls while the steel cable hangs straight.
  • No track needed. Stainless steel cable, which is attached to the wall using a screw.


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